Foster Care

Over 2,750 children and teens in San Diego have been taken from their home because of ongoing abuse and unspeakable neglect. Even after emotional and physical trauma, some children are resilient enough to be removed from this unhealthy environment and then thrive in a supportive foster home. However, 20% of these children have been so traumatized that a loving and caring home is not enough. They need ongoing counseling, healthy structure and multiple role-models to treat the behavioural disorders they are experiencing, many times due to harmful environments and circumstances in their early years.

Children in an immediate crisis or a long-term placement often involve unforeseen expenses and individualized requirements for proper care. FOCUS purchases bedding, clothing, diapers, car seats and more to insure a smoother transition.

Angels Family Foster Network

Creates safe, stable, loving homes for infants and toddlers, 5 and under, in foster care in San Diego County. Unique because their foster families commit to caring for the child or sibling until reunification with the biological parent or adoption occurs.


  • Provisions for Placement Bags that are given to each foster family when a child is placed in a new home. Items included onesies, bibs, hooded bath towels, toddler dresses and boys shirts and pants, rompers and pajamas. 
  • Car seats to be loaned to families in case of last minute placement.

Casa de Amparo

Serves girls, 13-18, who have been abused or neglected.  They live at the Casa Kids’ Campus on 11 acres in San Marcos, CA in a nurturing environment that cares for their physical, emotional, developmental, and educational needs.


  • 18 patio chairs to provide a welcoming outdoor gathering place for teenagers during the pandemic
  • 10 mattresses and box springs with frames to convert a school room into a type of quarantine cottage, to isolate as needed.

Just in Time

Provides  a community of caring adults to give ongoing support to youths leaving the foster care system. Their goal is to give long term help so the youth can thrive and enjoy productive lives.  Assists foster youth in transition to self-sufficiency and well-being.


  • During the pandemic FOCUS provided funding for Dream Dinner meals to 25 foster youth households. 
  • In addition, we gave $1500 of gift cards so youth participants could buy necessary items.

New Alternatives

Dedicated to the philosophy that all children have the right to develop as healthy, happy, successful, and contributing individuals. Their programs promote healing, self-confidence, and independent living skills in foster children.


  • Purchased food, games, prizes for a summer picnic so children could gather after being so isolated from their friends during the pandemic.

Voices for Children

To transform the lives of abused, abandoned or neglected children by providing them with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA’s) who advocate to improve the lives of children in the foster care system.


  • Emergency purchase of beds, mattresses, comforters and sheet sets to help a family reunite.
  • The Backpack Program purchased and assembled 35 backpacks for elementary, middle and high school students.
  •  FOCUS supplied uniforms and shoes for a Back to School project. We also purchased car seats and other needed items for children in the program.