Newsletter March 2021

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What an incredible start to 2021 we have had!  I know that many of us have received our Covid vaccinations and are looking forward to the time we can meet again in person. We are continuing to monitor the situation and will take advantage of the opportunity as soon as it presents itself.

February was a great month for us with so many of you participating in our events.  Here is a brief recap:

  1. The second week of our Food Drive was so successful that we were able to reach out to a second agency after filling the Christie*s Place pantry. With the help of Barbara Donahue, we identified Aseltine School and had equal as much to donate to them. They are so thankful.  Great job FOCUS members!
  2. With special thanks to Lisa Storey, our Mardi Gras happy hour was a great success.  In addition to the masks, beads and king cupcakes, we had a trivia night with fun facts each member shared about themselves.  We had lots of fun guessing who it was and learning a little more about each member.
  3. We engaged with Inflection Point to begin our website refresh.  They ran a short survey and are now ready to work with our team leaders of Sharyn Blongiewicz and Vicki Bernitt to put together a plan and timeline.  We are still looking for more volunteers to help guide this effort.  Please reach out to me if you can join.
  4. We had a very successful event on February 24, presenting the cargo van to CCSA.  Sharyn B. did a great job getting the word out to ensure we had KUSI (we were on the evening news!), reporters, Coronado Chamber of Commerce and our Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey.  Also, a very special thank you to all the members who came out and supported this event.
  5. We had a committee of Leslie Granger, Pam Plumbley, Barbara Donahue and myself to review and propose updates to our by-laws.  These are coming out shortly for member vote and adoption.  Please look for it and provide your input.


  • We are returning to our monthly membership meetings.   They will be held the 3rd Thursday of each month at 4pm.    Be sure to mark this on your calendars.   Once again, we have Lisa Storey putting together fun-filled events for us.    March 18 is St. Patrick*s Day with Bingo.    Plan on joining us!
  • You have spoken!   Based on survey results, we will be having a Member Drive each quarter to support the needs of an agency.   The Food Drive was hugely successful and you voted to continue food as well as other items.   Keep an eye out for the next drive.

Thank you so much for your tremendous support and hope to see you soon.