Newsletter June 2021

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A very special thank you to all who came out for our May Meeting and bingo at the Yatch Club. it was so great to be able to meet in person and enjoy the awesome events and prizes that Lisa Storey puts together for us.  Kina Fowler made it fun with her calling Bingo event if she won the final game! Awesome job Kim.

This month will be busy with the Rummage Sale and Backpack Program. Both of these requiere a lot of member involvement. Please consider helping out when called upon. It’s lots of fun to work out with fellow FOCUS members and meet some new ones.

With summer vacations starting and our June events, we will not be having a regular June meeting. But gear up for July for something very special. Lisa has secured event space for us at the Shores for Saturday, July 24th. This will be a family picnic in the early evening with a band and lots of fun with dancing. more details will follow but do “save the date” as you will not want to miss it.

We have also signed up to participate in the Coronado 4th of July Parade. This year, the theme is “The American Dream”. Since FOCUS strives to help create an American dream for many San Diego Kids., we are thinking it could be fun to have lots of kids dressed in outfits that might represent their American dream. These could include Graduation Gown and many different Professions. If you have kids, grandkids, friends, etc who could help, please have them participate. We are hoping that you would have an appropriate outfit for them. As an example, we have 2 SD grandkids. One would like to be a professional ice hockey player, while our granddaughter would like to be a major league baseball player. So, they will come dressed as each. I am sure you can put your imagination to work and help make this a fun FOCUS parade entry.
More details will follow shortly.

Enjoy Summer 2021!