Newsletter January 2022

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President, Pat Robitaille

Happy New Year!    I am pleased to report that 2021 was a very good year for FOCUS.   Our generous spirit has supported so many of San Diego’s children most at risk.   I have asked our 2021 board members to prepare an annual report for you.    Please take some time to get familiar with our successful year.    I would like to extend a great deal of gratitude to each and every one of our board members as well as Ethel Kallsen and Don Swanson who served us well with our newsletter and publicity.

2022 Board of Directors

This week, we kick off our 2022 year.   This will be our 40th year of operation and we look forward to making it very special.

While we are still looking to staff the VP of Fundraising role, I would like to report the positive results of our voting on the 2022 slate of officers.  Your 2022 board members will be:

President:                               Pat Robitaille

Executive VP:                        Denise Donato-McConnell

Treasurer:                              Sharon Shelton & Kathy Tyner

1st VP Fundraising:               (Open)

2nd VP Projects:                   Sharon Blongiewicz & Carin Cross

3rd VP Membership:            Barbara Donahue & Therese Pallares

Corporate Sponsors

This year, we added a new category of FOCUS Membership – Corporate Sponsor.   In exchange for a higher membership fee, the Corporate Sponsor can advertise their business in our newsletter and on our website.   Please check them out at the end of this newsletter.   We appreciate our founding members:  Sharon Sherman, Therese Pallares, and Aileen Oya.    If you are interested in learning more or would like to refer a business to us, please contact

Planning Meetings

We will be having two planning meetings during January to put ourselves in a great position for 2022.   

  1. 2022 Business Planning

This facilitated planning meeting will provide us with guidance for Fundraising, Projects, Membership, Financials and board meetings for 2022.   All board members shall  attend the planning session and we will share the outcome with all members.

DATE: January 6th

TIME: 10:00am – 1:00pm

LOCATION: Sharon Shelton Residence at 40 Catspaw Cape, Coronado

  1. 40th Anniversary Celebrations

We would like to make all of our events this coming year special to commemorate our 40 years.    We invite founding and long term members to bring historical reference and ideas for celebration.   We also invite our other members to offer ideas for scheduling, locations, etc for each event.    We would like to include our monthly membership meetings as well as any other special events, such as our annual gala.    Please let me know if you will be joining our planning meeting.   I will get the details out to you shortly following our planning meeting.