The Friends of Children United Society (FOCUS) traces its origins to early 1982 in Coronado, California. Historical data reflects an earlier connection to a national organization known as WAIF (founded by actress Jane Russell) which served as a source of inspiration to a group of dedicated and highly motivated women in the Coronado Cays to found FOCUS.

The background information in the evolution from WAIF to FOCUS reflects a number of changes and associations with organizations like The Travelers’ Aid Society and Friends of Travelers before becoming the locally well-known and highly respected organization now known as FOCUS.

Although the data in the files do not reflect all who may have been involved in its founding, there is a strong indication that the leading personalities included Beth Bishop, Bobbe Cetti, Kay Coleman, Luellen Dubbs, Darlene Farrell, Ruth Friedman, Barbara Gamer, Sharron Heller, Arli McCormack, Barbara Mouton, Tenny O’Connor, Rosemary Pettit, Maxine Rossi, Maria Shaw, Nella Walston, Bobbie Wilson and Martha Youngberg. Bobbe Cetti named us FOCUS and Ruth Friedman designed our logo. Mary Colaccio was with us from Travelers’ Aid.

The motivation and drive of the women involved in bringing FOCUS to life was centered on improving the quality of life for needy and abused children in San Diego County. Since its beginning FOCUS has grown and flourished. Countless numbers of battered, abused, homeless, disabled and disadvantaged children have been helped over the years.

A most deserved and heartfelt thanks is extended to the founders, members of FOCUS and to all who contribute their time, effort and money to making this organization what it is. We, the members of FOCUS, are indebted to all who have worked for the organization since its founding.